23rd July 2010

Great ending to a spectacular event

Time does fly when you are having fun! The Soccer World Cup has definitely brought victory to this country in many ways; it has opened a window of opportunity to all guest house owners in Hout Bay and surrounding areas.

The perception of Cape Town and South Africa has shifted dramatically in the eyes of the international market; this liberating feeling has propelled us to go the extra mile by renovating and reinventing our image to our guests.

We are proud to say that Hout Bay View has redesigned all of the rooms in preparation for Summer, we are confident that Hout Bay will soon thrive once again in Summer with the influx of eager and curious tourists thanks to the great success of the World Cup.

We look forward to welcoming you to Hout Bay View!

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31st May 2010

After all the waiting The World Cup is here!!

Hello everyone.


I hope this finds you well and ready to welcome our world cup guests to your accommodation or purchase your products and services.


I was born in Europe so I know how passionate our visitors are about their soccer. South Africans come close to that passion they show when rugby is in the spotlight.


Soccer has not really the pulling power here in South Africa that rugby has but I am surprised that the tournament still has not excited many of us.


Hout Bay in particular seems very lack luster about promoting the ‘Once in a lifetime ‘ tournament. We do though begin to see car wing mirrors reflecting loyalties and now and then a the flag of nation waving in gardens and houses.


I am convinced that visitors are waiting to arrange accommodation once they arrive and that you will all benefit from the influx of visitors. We hope common sense prevails and that prices still offer value for money. There is enough food on the table for all and from experience know that those who look for a quick easy buck do themselves and all of us in the hospitality industry a great  disservice.


These winter months are blessed with a golden opportunity to share in this greatest of events. If you receive enquiries from in or outside TreasureAfrica that you cannot accommodate please make a special effort to offer it back to those who might be able to accommodate so we might boost our business in this wonderful Hout Bay ,Llandudno and Camps Bay community. These guests will undoubtedly come to watch football but they will tell others of their experiences and that is where the true value lies in the possibility of  repeat business.


The images you will see over the next few weeks will take your breath away. How fans with so much passion enjoy themselves will make you laugh and fill you with a true feeling of pride that we have been chosen to showcase the greatest tournament in the soccer world.


Regardless of where your loyalties lie , we at TreasureAfrica hope you have a wonderful few weeks in the company of some of the friendliest fans in the world. We hope that you can maximize the opportunity from the influx of soccer fans and enjoy the tournament as it unfolds.


Millions of fans will be watching the tournament and it is our only wish that we all embrace this opportunity to show those who doubted and criticized in the run up to the tournament that we are ready and that this will be truly be


 the greatest show on earth!

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14th July 2009

Preparing for the Summer

Where does the time go?

Well we all know the answer to that one. We too are busy at Hout Bay View upgrading our rooms ready for your arrival later this year.

We are busy redecorating the family rooms and upgrading the bathrooms for your further comfort and convenience. Winter rains are giving the garden a well earned chance to recoup from the last summer and I have been busy moving the ‘non-performers’ to a better patch and encouraging the’stars’ to better perform this year.

We have had such great feedback from our guests on the new upgraded facilities and once again have been given a commendation by the South African Tourist Association within our 3 star classification.

A global recession is on every ones lips and we all demand greater value for our money when money is short. We do our very best to offer you great value quotes and when here do all we can to make sure that your Rand goes further by offering you tips and recomendations from our past guests on what is and what is not worth seeing.

We still offer a choice of delicious breakfasts daily. Fresh fruit and cereals always are your favourite whilst the specially prepared breakfast are still very popular.

Thank you so much for joining us at the blog on Hout Bay View.

If this is your first visit to South Africa we are confident that whilst staying with us we can help you rest and play so that you return home having seen all that is good and bountyfull in this great country.

lets speak soon with a glass of wine overlooking this beatiful bay at Hout Bay .

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9th April 2009

Just the place to cool off !!!

Now all the renovations are complete we can offer all our guests a lovely new swimming pool

It is heated and is complimented by a spacious patio area where you can realx and unwind

Best of all is the martini bench inside the pool where you can sit and watch and ponder…………

dsc_0252.JPG Read the rest of this entry »

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8th April 2009

A message to any of you out there who are coming to visit ……. Hout Bay View

dsc_0115.JPG BRING LOTS OF TREATS !!!……..  oops …….   Please

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8th April 2009

A New Look from Hout Bay View

dsc_0062.JPG    Another LONG and HOT day at Hout bay view. The sky is a unique blue here in South Africa. Summer days are just the best.

With so many beaches to choose from Hout bay and the surrounding area comes into it’s own on long summer days

Why not come and see for yourself. Phone up for availablity right now!

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2nd February 2009

Come enjoy the summer with us

Just cannot believe it is February already.

Temperatures are sure hotting up and Hout bay View is looking great in the sunshine.

We are having our best year ever and it is clear to see that the newly completed renovations have been a great success with all our guests who have benefited from a new pool and many updated guest facilities.

Numerous sightings of whales in the bay have got us rushing for binoculars to see why our ocean friends are staying so long before the big trek home. Dolphins, porpoise and large shoals of fish have kept us entertained from the terrace as we have a ring side seat to all the happenings in the bay.

As we approach the hottest part of summer we once again invite all who visit the blog to visit us in person to come and relax at Hout Bay View.

Recently visited by the guests from all over the world the undisputed winner of the best view in town goes to HOUT BAY VIEW!

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6th December 2008

A competition!!

If you can tell us when you arrive at     HOUT BAY VIEW

 How many guest  rooms do we have ?

we will give you a Free bottle of wine to sip as you marvel at the views across the bay ( the answer is on the website and you have to tell us when you check-in)


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6th December 2008

Summer has arrived in Hout Bay View

If you are wondering  about the weather at the moment in Hout Bay please be reassured that at 0645 this morning as we were watching the dogs swim in the sea it was a sweltering 28 degrees centigrade so i guess that at noon the temperature will be in the high 35 +.

If you are coming to stay with us,  or visit the western cape make sure you bring plenty of sun protection and a hat!

If you are reading this from the northern hemisphere ……….wrap up very warm it going to be very very very cold!!!!!!!

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5th December 2008

Welcome to the New HOUT BAY VIEW….views with more rooms!

We are delghted to say that all the renovation works at   HOUT BAY VIEW   are now complete and we are thrilled with the result.

We have upgraded all of the guest facilities including a new pool and sunbathing area as well as increasing the terrace,  so you can soak up more of the most beautiful views any where in Hout Bay!

We have added more rooms and upgraded many of our guest facilities.

It has been a little quiete on the blog of late because of all the updating but when you look at all the pictures on the website you will see just how much we have changed. As always the most breathtaking views are to be had from the front terrace,  so we have made it bigger so more can be seen and enjoyed. I am in the process of landscapping the whole area with all indigenous plants for you to admire and enjoy whilst you relax during your stay.

The pool too has been changed and now it has a Martini shelf for you to sit on whilst the warm waters give you a chance to cool and refresh.

Try not to forget the Spa which is available to all guests and is a constant 37 degrees.

Summer has arrived and the weather is beautiful and warm.

We invite you to join us on the terrace to share  a locally grown and bottled glass of wine and soak up the calming atmosphere here at

Hout Bay View.

We are very much looking forward to enjoying the summer with you and of course to those of you who are staying with us over the festive period we wish you and your families the most peacefull and tranquil christmas  and of course for all of you who are wondering if the prices have changed with the new look! be reassured that our prices remain the same and still offer fantastic value for all our overseas guests.

For those of you closer to home we still offer fantastic value if your budgets do not stretch to holidays overseas.

Many of you are enquiring about staying with us as part of your wedding plans. The new rooms would suit you perfecly as the garden suite has the most perfect views to wake up to on the days following your celebrations. We also have a few added extras that you can request to make your stay more romantic.

We so look forward to welcoming you at Hout Bay View bringing all the worries of life on your shoulders!! a few days with us and you will leave without a care in the world!!

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